The Birthday Bot

Aggiungi questo bot al tuto gruppo Telegram e fai aggiungere le proprie date di nascita ai membri del gruppo: riceverete un messaggio ogni volta che sarà il compleanno di qualcuno nel gruppo!

Puoi invitarlo al seguente link:

Link al repo ufficiale:


A simple birthday reminder bot for Telegram.

Want to add it to your group? Look for @the_bday_bot on telegram

Note: it only works for groups since every birthday is tied to a specific group member id / username.

Want to host it by yourself?

  1. Clone this repository onto your server
git clone
  1. Install all the dependencies - You'll need npm installed!
npm install
  1. Copy the contents of config.json.example into config.json and add your api key (you can create a new bot and obtain a key using @BotFather)

  2. You can either run it on the shell with npm start or in background using pm2 pm2 start bday_bot.js

Note: it requires MongoDB to run! You can specify the MongoDB uri and the database name into the config.json file. You'll just need to create a database and create a couple of collections named birthdays and groups respectively

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